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  • Consultation and Design

    The success or failure of an IT Strategy lies in the competency of the people engineering its network infrastructure. If every company had endless budget for...

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  • Install and Configuration

    Get your IT gear installed and configured by professionals in a timely and cost-efficient manner while minimizing disruptions to your operations and..

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  • Support and Maintenance

    Technical support and maintenance is critical to keep your systems intact and running. One of the biggest challenges in hiring an inhouse support team

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  • Certified Professional Assistance

    Not Sure that the solution you have in mind will work in practise? Our Certified Engineers can help you architect your IT environment for optimal performance

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  • Structured Cabling

    Solutions that can support any voice or data requirements and are designed to future-proof your network infrastructure. Recent ratification of 40GB & 100GB..

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  • Trade Up Your Exisiting IT Gear

    Thinking about Asset Recovery? Why pay more when you can trade-up your existing/old IT gear to get new parts, while minimizing your next IT Bill

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  • Onsite Services

    Grab all the the knowledge and expertise whenever you need them - Don't stay tangled with IT Glitches, we know how to take care of your Infrastructure.

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  • Offsite services

    Ever wished you had your own IT Department, check out how our offering suit your needs. You can actually avoice unproductive costs..

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  • Network Monitoring 24x7x4

    Businesses rely on their networks and phone systems for everyday communications.. Slow performance and outages can impact the bottom line of your business

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  • Warranty

    Select your next IT products backed by industry-leading,Standard/Lifetime warranty features and that guarantees your peace of mind and swift replacement

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  • RMA Services

    Got an issue with any of the products bought from us - no need to worry, you can return them back repair or replacement under your standard warranty terms..

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  • Implementation assurance

    Peace of mind that your systems are intact with the original requirements. Modular install and configuration approach, rigorous quality checks by

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